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The title register document details a property's full ownership information including who owns it, when they bought it, the mortgage lender (if any), any rights of way or restrictions that affect the property and the price paid for the property if it was bought after 1st April 2000. A property's title register document can be ordered here at a cost of £12, both electronic (pdf) and hard copies of the title register can be provided.
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A title register generally includes:

  • Property description.
  • Who owns it.
  • Mortgage lender (if any).
  • Price paid/value stated (if registered since 1st April 2000).
  • Rights of way (not public rights of way) or other rights affecting the property restrictions or other conditions.

If address is unknown, or the property/land doesn't have an address, click here. Complete the order process, then upload an image/scanning of the property highlighted on a map. £17.99 fee applies.

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