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Your property's boundary report will explain key boundary information about your property, including who is responsible for maintaining your property's boundary features (fences, walls & hedges). In addition to your written report, you will also be provided with official copies of all relevent deeds and plans held by the land register for your property as proof of your report's findings. You can order a boundary report for your property below for £129.
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Your property's boundary report will clearly explain:

  • Which of your property’s boundary features (fences/walls), if any, you are responsible to maintain.

  • Which of your property’s boundary features (fences/walls), if any, the neighbouring property owners are responsible to maintain.

  • If there are specifications for your boundary features (e.g. a solid wood fence 6ft high).

  • The specific dimensions of your property’s land, if the property’s land is registered with exact measurements.

  • The names and postal contact addresses for the owners of the neighbouring registered properties so you can contact them to discuss any boundary issues. Particularly useful if the resident is not the property owner.

Your report will include official copies of the relevant deeds and plans for your property and neighbouring properties as proof to support all of the report’s findings.

If address is unknown, or the property/land doesn't have an address, click here. Complete the order process, then upload an image/scanning of the property highlighted on a map. £17.99 fee applies.

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