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A local authority search, which will examine all of the local authority’s records pertaining to the subject land or property, is an important and often compulsory element of conveyancing. Land Searches offers a Regulated or Personal Local Authority Search as an alternative to the Council (Official) Local Authority Search. The main difference between the searches is that the Official Search is carried out by council officials and issued by the relevant department within the council, while the Regulated Search is carried out by a search agent.

The Regulated Search will include all planning, building control and highways department data relating to the land or property, but it does not reveal planning applications relating to neighbouring or nearby land or property. A Regulated Local Authority Search can be ordered below at a cost of £129, both electronic (pdf) and hard copies of the Regulated Local Authority Search can be provided.
Further Information Full address of property to be searched:
The search is delivered in three parts:

CON29 enquiries, the LLC1 and, if required, the CON29 Part 2 enquiries, which are optional.

The LLC1 results will tell you the following information about your property:
• If your property is a listed building
• Located in a conservation area
• Situated in a tree preservation order area
• Need an improvement or renovation grant
• In a smoke control area

Any future development plans that could affect your property are assessed by CON29. The CON29 results are broken down into two different parts (required and optional). The required results will reveal:

• Proposals for new roads or traffic schemes
• Contaminated land
• Planning decisions affecting your property
• Building regulations
• If your property is in a Radon affected area

If address is unknown, or the property/land doesn't have an address, click here. Complete the order process, then upload an image/scanning of the property highlighted on a map. £17.99 fee applies.

If you know the property's title number, enter the title number, otherwise it MUST be left blank:
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If you do not know the property's title number, enter the property's full address:
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