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1 (1) In consideration of services provided to you by as described on this web site you agree to make the appropriate payment and to be bound by these Terms and Conditions of Use and also to be bound, in so far as they apply, by:

(a) (England & Wales) HM Land Registry’s Portal Conditions of Use
(b) (Scotland) The Registrars of Scotland Terms & Conditions
(c) (N Ireland) Landweb Direct Access Service Terms & Conditions
(d) (Republic of Ireland) LandDirect Terms, Conditions & Notices
(e) (Isle of Man) The General Registry Terms & Conditions of Use
(f) (Channel Islands) Public Registry Online Terms & Conditions

1 (2) The information and documents we provide for you are electronic copies of authentic documents held by the Land Registries of England and Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, The Isle of Man and the Channel Islands and/or their agents, and other official bodies. We do not take responsibility for errors made by them. The information we provide is as provided by them.

1 (3) Electronic information processed over the internet or by email may be subject to delays or losses beyond our control. Neither we nor our information providers shall be liable for any losses arising therefrom.

1 (4) We agree to take payment from you by credit card. In consideration of this you agree not to cancel credit card payments made by you. Cancellation of credit card orders following a purchase on your behalf may result in civil proceedings against you.

1 (5) You will be notified by email as soon as your documents are ready and you will be able to access them immediately. Emails regarding your order will sent to you from, it is your responsibility to ensure that your email address is can accept these emails from this email address. You may need to add to your address.

1 (6) When buying goods and services on the internet you are entering into a binding contract. The law which applies to this contract is UK law.

Distance Selling Regulations Cooling Off Period and Right to Cancel:

2 (1) It is inherent in our service to carry out your search as soon as possible after your order is placed. During office hours (9am to 5:30pm Monday to Friday) this may be within as little as 5 minutes (orders received outside of office hours are not usually processed until the morning of the first following office day).

2 (2) Once payment has been completed, we give you the option to begin work immediately. If we get authorization to begin work immediately, you will be unable to cancel the contract, however, if permission to begin work immediately work cannot begin to be carried out until the 14 day period of cancellation expires.

How to Cancel your Order:
2 (3) You must give us notice by contacting us (click here) before we begin to process your order using the number or email address below.

2 (4) Cancellation can ONLY be accepted where we have not already started to process your order.

Refunds Policy:

3 (1) In carrying out our searches we incur disbursements and therefore refunds have been restricted to the following circumstances:

3 (1) (a) Where Registered Old Deed Searches are made but Old Deeds are not available, when another search cannot be substituted for it, e.g. a Title Register search, then the fee for the Registered Old Deed search will be refunded in full.

3 (1) (b) Where a a Folio Search is made in Northern Ireland but the property is unregistered a partial refund will be given.

3 (1) (c) Where a search is made and the property is found to be unregistered in the Land Register, a full refund will be issued minus any faster processing fees, map search fees and a £12+vat administration fee for conducting the search and confirming the property is not registered. The sum retained by us to cover our administrative expenses of conducting the search.

3 (1) (d) Discretionary refunds may be given, but only rarely. Any such will be at the sole discretion of and will generally only be given in exceptional circumstances.

Intellectual Property and Copyright:

4 (1) You acknowledge that you do not acquire any property rights in database information provided to you either through ourselves or any one else from whom we have obtained the information.

4 (2) and its logo are the trademarks of and remain the property of Through your use of our website you may also access registered trademarks of database providers other than ourselves. Unless otherwise provided for under these terms and conditions, you are not provided any authorisation to reproduce or utilise or other database provider trademarks or logos for any activity other than those prescribed under these terms and conditions. All trademarks remain the property of their registered owner.

Order Processing:

5 (1) For Registers of Scotland searches, the clock for "Express" and "Urgent" processing times stops at 9PM on Friday and does not restart until 9am on Monday. If you place a 24 hour order for a property based in Scotland on Thursday after 9PM it may not be processed before the following Monday, the same applies to 12 hour orders placed after 9am on Friday.

5 (2) Should an order with a faster processing time not be processed within the stated 24 hour or 12 hour time, the limit of our liability is the additional fee charged for the faster processing service. You agree that we will not be liable for any consequential loss suffered due to the late delivery of an order.

5 (3) A refund for the full value of the order can only be provided if we have not delivered or requested further information within your chosen processing time after payment AND you have requested that we cancel the order through our contact system BEFORE the order is processed.

5 (4) We will only provide the documents for one property for each order, if you request documents for multiple properties through one order, we will provide documents for one of the properties and inform you that you need to place additional orders for the documents for any additional properties.

5 (5) It is entirely your responsibility to ensure that you have provided the correct address for the property, refunds will not be issued in cases an incorrect or invalid address has been provided.

5 (6) It is your responsibility to ensure the address you have provided is clear. Should any confusion caused by an unclear address result in incorrect documents being provided, no refund will be issued.

5 (7) You must clearly state if you require the Freehold or Leasehold documents. If this is not clearly stated, we will provide the Freehold documents unless only the leasehold documents are available.

5 (8) Should the title plan be unavailable when you have ordered both a title plan and title register, we will refund the additional fee you have paid for the title plan. Should this happen when you have ordered only the title plan, the unregistered property partial refund procedure will apply.


6 None of these terms and conditions will be taken to be waived except by written notice signed by you and by

Contact Addresses:

7 (1) Postal Addresses:
(a) General correspondence -, 30 Porth Y Gar, Llanelli, SA14 9TJ
(c) Business Information - Higley International Ltd (UK Company Number 10511093) T/as
(b) Head Office - Higley International Ltd T/as, 30 Porth Y Gar, Llanelli, SA14 9TJ

7 (2) Web Address:

7 (3) Email Addresses and Contact Forms: (Existing customers, please remember to include your order number when contacting us)
(a) For fastest response, we advise you use the contact page where responses are provided within 48 hours.

7 (4) Contact Phone Number:
(a) Unfortunately, we are currently unable to provide assistance by phone. 

VAT Information:

8 (1) VAT Number: GB167754371
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